The Oxford Vacation Guide

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The Oxford Vacation Guide


The aim of this website is to provide a good source of information about what's happening in and around Oxford during the holidays, so that those who are less familiar with the city can make the most of the vacation. It is primarily a resource for new and visiting students, but we hope it will be useful for everyone.

There is a large selection of entertainment options, as well as information about worship and holiday activities. There is also a page dedicated to the vacation opening hours for libraries around the city, and we have a page that lists great eateries around Oxford. 

Since the vacation is a great time to offer help to others, we've set up a special page where you can find out about volunteering opportunities in the city, not just during the holiday period, but year-round. 

In the support section you'll be able to find out how to get urgent and out-of-hours help, the opening hours and locations of pharmacies, and how to find information about clinics and mental health resources, as well as college and university welfare details for times when you just need a little bit of support. There is also a transport section to help you navigate your way around (and in and out of) the city by bus, train, and taxi. 

We hope this website makes your vacation more joyful. Have a wonderful break!