Year-round fun for people of all ages. To see more seasonal offerings, check out our Easter page.

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From the Covered Market chocolate and cheese shops to pubs within walking distance of the centre of town, find Oxford's best watering holes. 

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Children and families

We have compiled a list of family-friendly places to eat, play, and relax during the holidays. Something for families at every stage, including groups for pregnant and breastfeeding mums, babies and toddlers. 



A list of tours given in Oxford's libraries, museums, and elsewhere around the city. 

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Information about movie-going in Oxford. 

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Concerts, theatre, gigs

Oxford has a wealth of musical events to choose from year-round. We have included links to listings pages for different venues. 

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Oxford has some of the best museums in the country. Find out more here. 


Find out more

Be sure to check out Daily Info for up-to-date information about events, activities, religious services, and family-friendly venues.